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Beginner Students

Beginner Students include our 10th (White Belt), 9th Gup (Yellow Belt), and 7th Gup (Gold Belt) students only. Beginner Students can use each class to build their foundation in Tae Kwon Do  without having to feel like they need to keep up with the higher ranks. The beginner ranks are where the seeds of discipline, focus, determination, and hard work are sown.


Intermediate Students

Our Intermediate Ranks are from 6th Gup (Green Belt) to 5th Gup (Purple Belt). Our Intermediate students  work on a more challenging curriculum while continuing to improve upon the basic fundamentals that are the foundations of Champion. Students of these ranks are given greater responsibility and expectations.


Advanced and Black Belt Students

Our Advanced and Black Belt Ranks are from 4th Gup (Blue Belt) and above. These classes allow our higher ranks to get ready for Black Belt and beyond by incorporating more difficult and challenging curriculum. Students in this class are given even more responsibilities and higher expectations.


Lil' Champs Students

Our Lil' Champs program is specifically designed for kids ages 3 - 5. Our Lil' Champs students will benefit from a fun and educational atmosphere that will help them improve their coordination, physical fitness, awareness, concentration, and discipline.


Sparring Class

Our Sparring Class is for all students with the exception of our Lil' Champs. While we concentrate mainly on WT (Olympic) Sparring, Weapon, Multiple Opponent, and Chung Do Kwan style sparring are also covered from time to time during these classes. Each student is expected to wear approved protective gear that can be purchased at Champion.


Competition Class

Our Competition Class is for our students who want to put in the extra work to compete and excel at Local, State, and National competitions.

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