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Membership Options

Champion Martial Arts is dedicated to providing you the best Tae Kwon Do training at an affordable price! New students get a FREE BELT with the two week trial offer. All of our sign up options include a FREE UNIFORM for new students!!!


FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL OFFER: This trial offer is for new students only. Come and train with us FREE for two weeks to see if Champion Martial Arts is the right school for you! We PROMISE that you'll want to continue training after the trial is over but, in case you don't, there is no obligation at the end of your two weeks. Includes free belt.


6 OR 12 MONTH SIGN-UP OPTIONS: Once your Free Two Week Trial is up, Champion has two options to choose from when you decide to sign-up. We understand that things come up in life so, at Champion, we want to provide you as many options as possible.

Family Rates

Champion Martial Arts is a family-oriented Taekwondo school. We encourage all family members to participate in our classes and our school whether it be through volunteering for special events, watching classes, and especially training together!


Taekwondo is one of the few sports where parents and/or siblings can physically participate with each other no matter their age. Training together can be an amazing bonding experience and provide our students better opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.


We are currently offering amazing family rates:


- First family member at regular price


- $10 off second family member


- $20 off third family member

- $30 off fourth or more family members


Please come in and talk to Senior Master Ronald Galang or Mrs. Melissa Galang to discuss prices and other specials!!!

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